• A Christ-centred and Child-initiated Early Years Education


IMAGO DEI uses an emergent curriculum (inspired by Reggio Emilia), combined with the Bible, to teach, care and guide. This approach is rooted in children’s learning and interests. Teachers are encouraged to collaborate with the children by asking questions to better understand their interests and by intentionally engaging in the activities alongside the children.

We provide a stimulating learning place for preschoolers

  • to explore, imagine, create/recreate and manipulate a variety of materials;
  • to collaborate with other children in small and large groups;
  • to find their uniqueness and relationship with God in a loving environment.

In addition, IMAGO DEI’s program is aligned with the BC Early Learning Framework, and the school curriculum from the BC Ministry of Education, to get children ready for Kindergarten.

The roles of Teachers at IMAGO DEI are:

  • co-constructors of knowledge and not viewed as experts (instead of giving all the answers, teachers do research with the children to find the answers);
  • role models of Christ in their teaching, guiding and caring.